S/U Grading Option

As a general rule, all of OSU academic regulations and policies are applicable while you are participating in an education abroad program. If you want to change the grading mode for a certain course overseas, you will need to follow the same steps as when you are on the OSU campus.

How to change your grading mode from A-F to S/U for a study abroad course:

1. You must first obtain an approval from your academic advisor at OSU to S/U a course.

2. Forward the approval note (an e-mail from academic advisor will suffice) to the IDEA study abroad advisor.

3. This must be completed before the 70% of the program is over. For example, if you are participating in a ten-week program, the S/U approval from the academic advisor must be forwarded to the IDEA study abroad advisor before the end of the 7th week. No exceptions can be made.

4. You must obtain C- or above to earn an S (Satisfactory) grade. Anything below C- will be an U (Unsatisfactory).

Reference: How to change your grading mode at OSU: http://oregonstate.edu/registrar/change-grading-basis

Study abroad students do not need to submit the Change of Grading Basis request form to the Registrar's office.