OSU Costa Rica (FOR 365: Current Issues in Natural Resources)

All OSU students are required to complete the OSU Online Study Abroad Application. By completing this online application, a non-refundable, $50 application fee will be charged to your OSU student account.


In addition to submitting this online application, please respond to the essay prompts below. All essays should be saved into one PDF document titled with the applicants first and last name. Email the PDF to Ron Reuter (Ron.Reuter@oregonstate.edu) by midnight (PST) on June 23, 2013.

1. Please write a brief autobiographical sketch that includes your personal history/family background, where you currently live, your work/educational experience, previous travel experience and other factors which have influenced your personal development. (approximately 1 page)

2. FOR 365 (Current Issues in Natural Resources Conservation) is offered on campus in Bend in addition to being a hybrid course. This Costa Rica Hybrid Course is the first time that FOR 365 will have an international travel component. Please explain why you decided to participate in this special section of FOR 365 and how you will actively contribute to this course.  (approximately 1 page)

3. This course is a hybrid course that requires commitment to online learning and self-pacing to ensure success.  While the Costa Rica component is a highlight, the first 9 weeks of the course are vital to making Costa Rica a meaningful experience.  Explain your experience with online learning communities and how much time you expect to commit to this course during the term.  What are your expectations for how this course will impact your OSU education and professional goals?  (approximately 1 page)




A passport valid for six months beyond your program is required. Apply for a passport immediately if you have not done so already. Visit travel.state.gov for an application.

After review of the initial application pieces, applicants will be interviewed via Skype by the course instructors.
Your program enrolls you in insurance for the duration of your participation. Review the insurance policy and carry additional claim forms and your insurance card with you abroad.

File FAFSA and apply for financial aid for the term(s) of your program.

IDEA will submit a financial aid budget with your estimated cost of attendance for adding this international experience to your regular term to the Office of Financial Aid the term prior to your departure so that your aid award may be adjusted.

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