International Partnership Initiation Form (IPIF)

International Programs works with individuals, departments and colleges and Contract Services to develop international agreements, such as MOUs and program agreements with institutions beyond the U.S.

Please refer to the appropriate flowcharts and templates for further information. 

Copy and paste the the institution's homepage (url)

Please provide the appropriate mailing address where international agreements are hosted. This is usually an International Programs/Affairs/Education office.

Select one or more proposed activities as relevant.

List key anticipated outcomes of this new partnership.

Indicate the date (eg. July 2014) or term (eg. Winter 2015) when a partnership activity is projected to begin.

Please indicate the first and last name of your primary contact at the partner institution.

Indicate the title of your primary contact and include Dr. or PhD to the title if relevant.

Enter the person's name who is most knowledgeable and most directly involved with the proposed activity. In other words, who is the "content expert" for this agreement?

Please upload any draft agreements or other supporting documents as needed. You may upload up to four (4) separate documents (pdf, doc, ppt).