OUS: Cuba - From Revolution to Globalization (Spring-Summer)

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OUS (Oregon University System)
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The group will arrive in Havana on June 18th and spend twelve days exploring the city and surrounding areas in order to listen to the perspectives of different stakeholders including: school officials, human health and service providers, musicians, artists, historians, university students, farmers, economists, and political scientists. We will also visit various cultural locations such as: the Museum of the Revolution; Granma Monument; Center for the Study of Che Guevara; Federation of Cuban Women; La Cabaña Fortress; Havana Vieja; Plaza de la Revolución; and the National Arts Museum.


The program is based in Havana, Cuba’s capital, and home to 2 million.

Class Format: 
Classes Primarily with US Students
Residence Hall

This program is open to undergraduate students in any major. To be eligible, students must meet the following minimum requirements before departure:

•Good academic standing, with a minimum GPA of 2.75
•Sophomore standing by the program start date
•Completion of the course “Cuban Society, Culture and Politics through Film” during Spring term 2014
•Spanish language is useful, but not required – all lectures/conversations will be translated
•Maturity, and ability to participate in a rigorous daily program

Students must continue to make satisfactory academic progress throughout the application process and during their study abroad program, and otherwise comply with policies and procedures of the host university, the OUS Office of International Programs, and their home university International Programs Office.

The prerequisite for the summer Havana immersion class is a hybrid course in the spring term of 2014 called Cuban Society, Culture, and Politics through Film. This class uses contemporary and historical film, lectures, readings and group activities to introduce students to Cuba. Although the class is based at Oregon State University, it will be simultaneously presented online to students across the OUS system. Students not attending the class in person are required to use interactive technology (Skype) to be part of the class which meets two hours each week. Outside of the formal class meetings, students are required to watch assigned weekly subtitled films (documentaries and feature films) that are available online through Blackboard. On two Saturdays during the spring term, the entire class will convene at either the University of Oregon or Portland State University (depending on class enrollment numbers) for a full day of class activity (transportation will be coordinated). This type of hybrid learning environment will allow students to get to know each another and to become comfortable working as a learning team before we embark on our excursion to Cuba in the summer of 2014. Students will earn 4 credits for this class.


OUS Cuba Deadlines

Summer: March 1

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Students have a unique opportunity to learn about Cuba through this study program in summer 2014. As a participant in the course, you will engage in an active daily program of study, with visits to museums, art galleries, and sites of historic and cultural significance. You will encounter the vibrancy of Havana and its surroundings while exploring the cultural, historical and political landscape through conversations with local people and lectures from local experts. From this experience, and the course work you complete, you will gain an understanding of Cuba’s special place on the world stage, and an appreciation of the rich cultural background of this close Caribbean neighbor.

To prepare for the field program, students are required to complete Cuban Society, Culture and Politics through Film, an online course which will introduce students to present-day Cuba through documentaries, popular films, and accompanying reading.


Check out the OUS website for more information.

Program Costs: 

The program costs for Cuba:

$950 academic fees for 10 undergraduate credits in the spring and summer course

$3,350 per student program operations fee, which includes:

• Round trip airfare from Miami to Havana

• Immigration costs

• room and board (and laundry)

• on-site support and orientation expenses

• group activities

• health and accident insurance

For more information on finances visit the Program's Finance Page

Academic emphasis: 
Environ. Econ. Policy
Political Science