A Geographical Approach to Learning

TitleA Geographical Approach to Learning
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsPaglieri, Kathryn D.
Academic DepartmentGeneral Science, College of Science
Thesis AdvisorNolan, Mary Lee
DegreeBachelor of Arts in International Studies in General Science and Pre-Education
Number of Pages121
Date Published06/1994
UniversityOregon State University
Thesis TypeUndergraduate
Keywordsclassroom, curriculum, education, general science, geography, learning, teaching

Geography, collaborative learning, and integrated projects and all important parts of education. The purpose of this thesis was to create a curriculum in which geography and the study of Europe was incorporated into other subjects to create a unit of 28 activities to be taught at the fifth or sixth grade level. It is organized into six sections: an introduction to geography, the physical characteristics of Europe, humans and the environment, cultural aspects, research and a conclusion. Each activity in this unit follows a standard format containing the following sections: an introduction, a list of objectives, an estimate of the time required for the activity, and the materials and preparations needed step-by-step procedures, and follow-up activities. Many of the activities also have handouts.