A Comparison of National Park Systems in the US and Japan: Influence of National Characters

TitleA Comparison of National Park Systems in the US and Japan: Influence of National Characters
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsKim, YunSuk
Academic DepartmentForest Resources
Thesis AdvisorJackson, Royal
DegreeBA, International Studies in Forest Resources
Number of Pages23
Date Published12/1997
UniversityOregon State University
Thesis TypeUndergraduate
KeywordsJapan, national parks, resource management

The goal of this project was to gain some general knowledge on the natural resource management system of the Japanese government to help develop my career in the future. For this reason, I included some additional information in my paper that is not strictly related to my topic, but can be useful as a future reference.
Since the time was limited to a one-term project, I used the most basic approach, a library literature survey and internet search. The research involved translation of the Japanese language to English. Exploration of Japanese Netscape sites by using BIG-5 internet language program was time consuming but interesting. I also obtained psychological knowledge relating to my topic from my friends and acquaintances which was very helpful.
A highlight of information was the interview with Mr. Ozawa of Japanese Park Division. In a short time, he kindly gave me his insights on the park system in Japan as well as general information.
Upon finishing this project, I found a relationship between national characteristics and the system of natural preservation, which are important to understand in order to conduct the strategic planning of recreation management in the future. For example, I realized that I could study the nation's religious background and its influence on the preservation of nature as my career. There are so many things that can be discovered related to this topic.
In my conclusion, I mentioned my own perspectives for the improvement of two differing national park agencies. These agencies are facing different issues which may be solved by studying their own cultural characteristics.