Sucre to Dollar, Franc to Euro: the cultural impact of currency change in Ecuador and France

TitleSucre to Dollar, Franc to Euro: the cultural impact of currency change in Ecuador and France
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsHayashi, Teppei
Tertiary AuthorsKrause, Joseph
Academic DepartmentForeign Languages and Literatures
DegreeBA, International Studies in Spanish
Number of Pages51
Date Published08/2003
UniversityOregon State University
Thesis TypeUndergraduate
Keywordscomparative, currency, dollar, Ecuador, euro, France

This thesis is a comparative study of the two processes of currency change that occurred in Ecuador in 2000 and in France in 2002. Although the background of these two countries and the motivations behind each currency change varied, Ecuador and France have experienced many similar outcomes. Each of the two countries also has nevertheless faced different problems, that the other country did not encounter, due to the cultural differences between them.
In general, economic developments are expected as a result of currency changes, and a government may focus only on economic-related outcomes. However, the cultural shifts in people's everyday lives, brought about by a currency change, are drastic, and this aspect of currency change must not be ignored.
The research for this thesis is based on local media, the obersation of people's reactions, personal interactions with the people of the two countries, and all other previous international experiences of the author.
The currency changes in Ecuador and France both had impacts on many people, including their neighboring countries and the rest of the world, and both the Ecuadorian and French people are still experiencing cultural changes in their lives that will continue as globalization proceeds, involving every citizen of the planet.