Aural Experiences in Ecuador -An Intercultural Dialogue Through Sound

TitleAural Experiences in Ecuador -An Intercultural Dialogue Through Sound
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsJager, Matthew J.
Academic DepartmentMusic
Thesis AdvisorBrudvig, Robert
DegreeHonors Baccalaureate of Arts in International Studies in Music
Number of Pages20
Date Published06/2009
UniversityOregon State University
Thesis TypeUndergraduate
Keywordscommunicative process, Ecuador, environmental sounds, music, sounds

Aural Experiences in Ecuador - An Intercultural Dialogue Through Sound takes the listener on a unique auditory journey through Ecuador, exploring its diverse sound environment while examining how one's cultural perspective influences how those sounds are perceived. The process of listening occurs as a mutual dialogue between the listener and the soundmaker, where both the environmental context and unique perceptive state of the listener inherently influence the communicative process. A visitor to a foreign land processes his or her experiences from a distinct cultural perspective, a unique worldview. Consequently, a foreigner's interpretation of the sound environment is bound to be similarly distinct, uniquely influencing the communicative situation. This soundscape composition investigates this process by exploring an intercultural experience through the sonic medium. Unprocessed sounds recorded in Ecuador are juxtaposed with processed sounds and other composed musical elements, hence the intercultural dialogue takes the form of an aural representation of my experience in Ecuador. The interchange between the objective sounds as I experienced and recorded them, and my subjective response as they provoked an emotion, a gesture, an idea, expressed musically through the same medium. The end result illustrates the process as it naturally occurs-as an unfolding conversation between an explorer and a new sound environment.