The 'Greens' Among the 'Reds': The Russian Environmental Movement in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Years

TitleThe 'Greens' Among the 'Reds': The Russian Environmental Movement in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Years
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsBrown, Jessica
Academic DepartmentEnvironmental Science
Thesis AdvisorMuir, Patricia S.
DegreeHonors Bachelors of Arts in International Studies in Environmental Science
Number of Pages76
Date Published05/1999
UniversityOregon State University
Thesis TypeUndergraduate
KeywordsEnvironmental, Environmental Movement, Russia

The developing Russian environmental movement faces challenges and obstacles that are not experienced by its counterparts is Western countries. This is due to the severity of the environmental crisis in Russia, the absence of a democratic tradition, and the legacy of Soviet rule. This paper considers the Russian environmental movement as it developed in three major stages: 1910-1920, 1950-1960, and the late 1980’s, with an emphasis on the effects of Gorbachev’s reforms. It describes local movements, umbrella organizations, and international Western environmental organizations as they exist in Russia today, highlighting their common characteristics in aims, organizational structure, participants, tactics, media coverage, funding sources, political affiliations, and conflicts. It considers the Russian public’s reaction to environmentalism, along with governmental responses. All of this information makes it clear that under Yeltsin’s leadership the environmental movement is struggling to survive, because the server economic conditions in contemporary Russia dominate any environmental concerns.