Thesis Requirements

The thesis is your final product - the capstone of all of your work toward the International Degree while at OSU.

This thesis places your academic discipline in an international context, often in a comparative fashion, and allows you to explore what interests you most about your subject and its place in the world.

As part of your thesis requirement, you must take additional credits including

  • INTL 407 Introduction to Thesis (1 credit, pass/no pass, offered in Fall and Winter terms only)
  • 3-6 credits of 403* in your major (ie. PS 403 Thesis) - your thesis advisor is your instructor of record

You will have a thesis advisor from your primary major department (exceptions made on a case-by-case basis).  This advisor will be the instructor of record for your thesis credits, and guide your overall thesis-writing experience.

There are thesis guidelines to give you a general idea of structure, contents, length, as well as example pages.

Your thesis is considered complete once you have

  • conducted a public presentation of your results
  • obtained signatures from your thesis advisor and committee members (if applicable), department chair and head of the International Degree program in the thesis (see Thesis guidelines pdf for examples)
  • completed at least 3 credits of 403 in your major
  • turned in your thesis log as well as the final, signed and bound, copy of your thesis to the International Degree office.



You can view examples of thesis titles. Or, we have also recently begun uploading digital theses to the Valley Library ScholarsArchive@OSU. Feel free to browse the collection!

*Biology students must enroll in 3-6 credits of 401 Research instead of 403 Thesis.

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