2009-2010 ID Newsletter

The International Degree Newsletter has gone digital! Welcome to the 2009-2010 edition.

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The ID Digital Thesis Collection

With the first graduating class of four students in 1994, the International Degree thesis collection was off to a great start. Since then, that assortment has expanded and now occupies three shelves in the International Degree office to accommodate some 260+ theses! stack of theses

This collection has been a great resource to current International Degree students particularly, although others do occasional request access to the library. Current ID students are on the hunt (as you may recall) for exciting topics, potential sources, and physical samples of the final product; the library really assists them with getting started. It also proves that an undergraduate thesis CAN be done. It helps to see that others have survived the process.

About a year after I began working with the International Degree, I was contacted by the Valley Library to begin a digital thesis collection.

This was a great opportunity to bring the collection online - allowing

  • current students to access a thesis anytime and anywhere through the internet,
  • graduates to have a permanent URL for their work, and
  • us to share this wealth of knowledge with those who may not be able to physically cross the ID office threshold.

We currently have 56 theses available in full-text form through this archive!

Earlier this summer, the Valley Library also announced a tracking feature for the archive. Naturally, I was curious about how many times ID theses had been accessed. I was shocked and delighted to discover the results. International Degree theses have been downloaded 16,000 times since we first began the collection! And, not just by other OSU/ID students, but from all over the United States, and the world! You can even see a breakdown by author. If you have your thesis in the collection, see how you've done!

If you don't have your thesis in the collection, it's never too late! You just need to provide us with a digital copy of your thesis (can be a Word document, other word processing file, or pdf) and your permission to post it (mail/fax/email your thesis and signed form to Renee)!


Dear friends of the International Degree program,

In this ever globalizing world, the importance of the ID program is more and more evident. ID graduates learn the importance of being able to function effectively in an international research or work situation. A recent article entitled "Cultural Borders and Mental Barriers: the Relationship between Living Abroad and Creativity"* touts empirical evidence showing the relationship between navigating life in a foreign country and the growth of creativity. ID program alumni exemplify the creative individual, having gained a variety of skills and new insights by learning another language, studying or interning abroad and completing a thesis!Joe Hoff at Topkapi Palace in Istanbul; Fall 2009

On a practical note, we are attempting to create better cohesion amongst ID participants by hosting cohort dinners, group advising sessions and creating a space we call the "Transit Lounge" for these events. ID students coming from all majors do not have a place to call home so we hope the "Transit Lounge" will act as a place they can identify with. If you have any decorations or memorabilia you wish to donate to the Transit Lounge, please feel free to send them to Renee Stowell.

Thank you for your continued support of the ID program!
Joe Hoff, Director

*Galinsky, A. D. & Maddux, W. D. (2009). Cultural Borders and Mental Barriers: The Relationship between Living Abroad and Creativity. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, American Psychological Association, Vol. 96, No. 5, 1047-1061.

Alumni Reflections: Ashley Blake ('06)
Director of Events
Ludus Tours

student in front of volcano in Costa Rica

In my 3rd year at OSU I came to a crossroads: I changed my major, I didn't have a specific career goal in mind, and I didn't know what to do. After a study abroad trip to Spain for my Spanish minor I discovered the IE3 program and how it paralleled my personal interests. It was at that point that I figured why not do the ID?

The ID benefited me in more ways than I think that I even realize. For one, it made my college experience fun and interesting (albeit a lot of hard work!). How cool is it to spend part of your college years traveling the world and earning credits while at it? On a day to day level, I refer to my Costa Rica and thesis-writing experience all the time. It makes for interesting conversation, and I find a lot of people that connect either because they've been to Costa Rica or because they're in to music and/or media (I wrote about music and media in Costa Rica). The greatest benefit so far is my current career path in the travel industry. Just the fact that I had lived in another country and speak Spanish is part of what got me my job as a tour director and manager to international festivals and sporting events. The ID and all of the experiences that came with it inspired me to travel more and learn other languages (German) which I also use for my job.


The Oregon Consular Corps Scholarship

Through generous sponsorship, the Oregon Consular Corps is in its third year of providing scholarships for Oregon students with international aspirations. The OCC gives two scholarships of $2500 each to International Studies majors at OSU, UO, PSU, and Lewis & Clark.

Consular Services in Oregon have existed for over a century. Most representatives are stationed in Portland, "performing functions such as promotion of their country's trade, offering protection and assistance to their country's shipping interests, redering assistance and protection of nationals of the country they represent, administrating oaths, leagalizing documents, issuing passports and visas, and acting as spokespersons concerning their country's policies and achievements in fields such as culture, tourism, and trade".

The scholarship assists International Degree students pursuing the International Degree, whether that goes directly to OSU attendence, or the cost of an experience abroad.

The 2009-10 recipients have just been announced - congratulations to Erin McCarthy and Theresa Nguyen!

09 Awards DinnerPast winners have included Katie Parker (History, '10; pictured far right) and Anna Gallo (Political Science, '10) in 2008; Chamroeun Lim (Business/Political Science, '11; pictured center) and Cayla Lopez (Political Science, '10; pictured left center) in 2009. Awards for 2010 will be announced in the coming weeks!

*Pictured at the 2009 Awards dinner (l-r): Renee Stowell, Cayla Lopez, Chamroeun Lim, Joe Hoff, Katie Parker



Current Scholarship Recipients


The International Degree program is grateful to have wonderful donors contributing to the Mary Alice Wartman and Ray A. Verzasconi Scholarships, in addition to the OCC scholarships and the Research Office-funded International Research Awards. The following are recipients during the 2009-2010 Academic Year.

Wartman Scholarship: Jennifer Meyer, Political Science; Study Abroad in Tunisia

Verzasconi Scholarship: Stellar Yi, General Science/Pre-Pharmacy; Study Abroad in Ecuador

Research Awards:

Cayla Lopez, Political Science, Internship in Argentina; Research proposal for Argentina "Alternative Fossil Fuel: Argentina's Promotion of Biofuel"

Katherine Parker, History, Study Abroad in Chile, Spring 2009; Research for Chile "Across the Atlantic: The Ideas of the Enlightenment as Evidenced in the Travel Logs of Ulloa and Juan"

Stellar Yi, General Science, Study Abroad in Ecuador, Summer 2009; Research for Ecuador "A Comparative Study of Pharmacy Practices between Ecuador and the United States"



End of Year Celebration


ID End Of Year CelebrationEach year, the ID program celebrates its graduates and scholarship winners with a party! For the past few years, we've been delighted to host it at the Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center on 9th and Monroe, just before graduation.

Current and graduating students, thesis advisors, and ID Committee members come together to enjoy meeting and/or reconnecting, while congratulating our graduates, thanking our thesis advisors, and wishing "bon voyage!" to our scholarship recipients. Alumni and friends of the ID program are welcome to attend every year. The 2010 celebration will be held on May 18th. We hope to see you there!


logo for World Affairs Council of OregonWorld Affairs Council Lecture


Every spring, the World Affairs Council brings renowned speakers to Portland to address the most significant issues of our time. Past speakers have included Mikhail Gorbechev, Thomas Friedman, Bono, Bill Clinton, and Sandra Day O'Connor, among many others. Last spring, we organized a group of interested ID students to attend a lecture by Fareed Zakaria. Fareed Zakaria is a Newsweek editor and columnist, and host of "Fareed Zakaria GPS" on CNN Worldwide.

The students were treated to an enlightening evening, with Mr. Zakaria's perspective on our global economic situation. He offered up an explanation for how we ended up in this situation and how it has impacted people around the world. He is a fascinating speaker and offered a truly global assessment of the crisis.

We hope to continue with these events, as they are exactly the kind of thing ID students enjoy! We're going to try for another event this spring!



Facebook & LinkedIn: The ID gets connected!

facebook iconLinkedIn icon

Please hit the "Like" button on this one...The ID program has had a group for some time on facebook - we have a great start on our membership, but I would encourage you to join if you like!

I've also been hit with quite a few requests for LinkedIn connections, so finally decided to take the plunge and join there as well. While I was at it, I created an International Degree group. If you use LinkedIn, you can join here! I hope to make these more active groups, but in the meantime, I'dencourage you to use them just to catch up with old friends and meet new contacts. It would be great to see where everyone is at, and what they're up to!


Scholarship Giving Opportunities International programs bring OSU to the world by engaging students in study abroad, exchanges and global internships. And they bring the world to OSU by educating students from around the globe, creating a vibrant international community that benefits everyone on campus. Private support opens doors of opportunity for students to participate in international education and research at OSU and abroad.