Key Campus Partners

Which campus units play an important role with international agreements?

Office of the Associate Provost for International Programs (APIP)

The Office of the Associate Provost for International Programs (APIP) is responsible for assisting with the facilitation and management of all Letters of Collaboration (LoC), previously referred to as Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) and Program Agreements with international institutions.

International Degree and Education Abroad (IDEA)

International Degree and Education Abroad (IDEA) is responsible for managing all Education Abroad proposals and agreements including student exchange, and faculty-led programs.   IDEA assists departments in developing programs, guiding agreements through the drafting, and training for program administration. 

Contract Services

Contract Services holds the responsibility and authority to approve non-research agreements on behalf of the University.  As such, their review includes verifying that the intent of the relationship is stated, the roles and responsibilities of each party are clear, the activities described within the agreement comply with applicable policies and laws and the agreement follows good contracting principles. 

If the agreement impacts other departments, Contract Services verifies that all parties have been included in the development of the agreement and consent to its terms. If the agreement involves licensing of intellectual property or sponsorship by an industry partner, Contract Services will direct the agreement to the relevant campus units.


Language Translations

Should there be a foreign language version of the agreement?

If the other organization/institution requires the agreement to be executed in English and another language, contact Contract Services for guidance.  It is typically the responsibility of the initiating academic/administrative unit to ensure appropriate translation of the agreement.

Expedited Processing

Can I get my international agreement approval expedited?

Contract Services recognizes that in some extreme situations an agreement may need to expedited. Be advised that if you are in such a situation that you should be prepared to describe the reason for the urgency.  Be aware that in putting your agreement ahead in the queue, the pending agreements of your colleagues are pushed back.