Graduate Internationalization Grants (GIGs)

The Graduate Internationalization Grant (GIG) Program is closed for 2014-15. 

Graduate Internationalization Grants (GIG) are designed to encourage and support OSU graduate students who are doing actual research or research internships related to their field of study that take place at overseas locations.  Grants are available to masters and doctoral students to help fund international travel to research or internship sites and pay for related expenses. The applicant’s academic unit is expected to share the cost of this investment to promote internationalization across the University.  This award is not intended for attending (or presenting at) international courses, workshops, conferences or seminars. Please see the Graduate School Travel Award which may be better suited for these purposes.

OSU’s current internationalization efforts include recruitment and retention of diverse international students, developing and supporting education abroad opportunities for OSU’s domestic students, promoting global learning through curricular and co-curricular means, and fostering strategic international partnerships to promote faculty research and outreach activities. 

International activities eligible for funding


Application Deadlines:

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be:

Domestic and international students are eligible.

Ineligible: Post-doctoral scholars

 Criteria for Award Selection

  1. Describe how the activity will enhance your professional portfolio (research and/or engagement) with topics and colleagues beyond the U.S.
  2. Describe how this opportunity will help you develop a global perspective.

Award decisions are also contingent upon availability of funding and will take in to account representation across the University.  Note: GIG awards are limited to one award per student per academic year.

 Approval Notification and Procedures for Transfer of Funds

Awardee Obligations

GIG awardees must submit an International Reflection Report (no more than one page) to their major professor and International Programs within 30 days of completing the activity. The report should include:

Note: IP may post these reports on our website to illustrate the depth and breadth of international activity undertaken by graduate students on campus.

Online GIG Application (Applications are no longer being accepted for 2014-15.)

Please contact if you have any questions.