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Sponsored students and sponsoring agencies who wish to learn about OSU Baccalaureate Core Courses, OSU Transfer Course Equivalencies, and Academic Calendar, please refer to the following links.

Complete list of Baccalaureate CORE classes at OSU (“Does Native American Flute count toward degree requirements?”)

Transfer Course Equivalencies for Baccalaureate CORE (“Will X course transfer to OSU as a Baccalaureate core from Portland State University?”)

Transfer Course Equivalencies (“Will X course transfer to OSU from Portland State University?”)

Academic Calendar (“When is the end of term?”)

What are the appropriate letters to request from Academic Advisors at College of Engineering?

Academic Advisors at College of Engineering will write letters if a student/sponsor has following requests:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

I want to take some courses at another institution. What courses at other institutions transfer back as OSU courses?  
I need a letter stating that I am approved to change a major within College of Engineering.
I need a letter confirming that I am currently enrolled.
What are the beginning and end dates of each term?
I need to extend my scholarship.
My sponsor needs verification of online classes.
I need verification stating that a certain course counts towards baccalaureate core requirements for the major.
I need a letter that shows that I am currently on Honor Roll/Dean’s List at OSU.
I need verification stating that my physics coursework taken at Portland State University (PSU) is applicable to my engineering program at OSU.

PSU Course

OSU Equivalent

PH 211 + PH 214

PH 211

PH 212 + PH 215

PH 213

PH 213 + PH 216

PH 212