OSU Academic Scholarships

This is a partial list of links to academic scholarships at OSU.  Please contact the specific Colleges, Departments, or Offices below for further details.

College and Departmental Scholarships

Eligibility criteria and award amounts vary by college/ department based on availability of funding. Student may be asked to provide additional information to departments. Check with your department for further information.

Elite OSU Scholarships

Oregon State has faculty advisors on campus who coordinate internationally recognized scholarship opportunities. Scholars are encouraged to explore these prestigious sources of funding for undergraduate and/or graduate study. The USP coordinator, in cooperation with the faculty advisors, provides information with regard to academic preparedness and offers assistance with the application process and requirements. For more information about a specific program, contact the appropriate faculty advisor.

International students cannot complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be eligible for US Federal financial loans or grants, and thus are not eligible for much of the general aid. There is, however, some helpful information on the OSU Financial Aid & Scholarhsips website.