H-1B Extension


Procedures and Timeline for H-1B Extension Applications

Instructions & Timeline

  1. Hiring department contacts Jackie Bangs to verify that an H-1B is the appropriate visa category for applicant 
  2. Hiring department and H-1B employee complete H-1B extension application (pdf)and send it to ISFS
  3. ISFS conducts wage surveys
  4. ISFS contacts department with instructions for posting the Labor Condition Application and sends partial draft of department letter to USCIS
  5. Hiring department completes letter to USCIS and returns it to ISFS
  6. ISFS prepares I-129 petition for extension of H-1B status and submits USCIS
  7. USCIS sends receipt notice (I-797) to ISFS, which serves as evidence of continued work authorization for H-1B employee
  8. USCIS sends approval notice (I-797) to ISFS; department updates I-9

Premium (Expedited) Processing
Usually ONLY used when H-1B has time-sensitive travel needs outside the US.   Departments wishing to expedite the receipt of the approval notice may choose to use Premium Processing (cost = $1,225 payable to the Department of Homeland Security), which shortens the entire processing time to approximately 2 months.

While a receipt notice from USCIS allows for continued employment at OSU, an approval notice is required for the employee to secure a new visa stamp (needed for re-entry into the US).  Premium Processing may be useful for H-1B employees who need to travel outside the US while their extension petition is pending.   Travel plans should be discussed with an ISFS advisor prior to departure from the US.