Example Letter for Scholars Applying for New Visa Stamp

Example letter for sponsoring departments to provide scholars who applying for a new  visa stamp

[On department, lab, or center letterhead:]


To Whom It May Concern:

Paragraph #1:

  • Scholar's name and job title
  • Appointment dates
  • Amount of OSU salary per annum
  • Funding sources and amounts of any U.S. government to be used to support the research

Paragraph #2:

  • In layman’s terms, a detailed and non-technical description of the research to be conducted by the scholar, whether it is basic research or applied research. If the research has no military or defense-related purposes, say so.
  • Goals of research and practical applications
  • Any export controlled technology and/or information to be shared
  • A detailed description of how the scholar's qualifications match the requirements of the position

Paragraph #3:

  • The scholar is expected to return to OSU to continue his/her research. A timely return to campus is important to the research group. Please feel free to contact me (the faculty who writes the letter) for further assistance if needed.

Signature of sponsoring professor