OSU ID Cards

For OSU Employees

The OSU employee will be able to get an ID card after their department has submitted the Fast Track Employee ID form (available on OSCAR) to OHR.

For J-1 Exchange Visitors in Researcher or Professor Categories

The department must issue either an affiliate or courtesy faculty status form (available on OSCAR) before the Exchange Visitor can get an OSU ID card and ID number. The form must be signed off on by ISFS. Courtesy faculty rank appointments will be input into Banner by OHR and will give the visiting scholar greater access to library privileges and an ONID email account. If the visitor is on an Affiliate faculty appointment they will need to take the status form, welcome letter and photo ID to the OSU ID center.

For additional information about the affiliate vs. courtesy faculty ranks, please refer to the OHR policy and OSCAR.

For J-1 Exchange Visitors in the Intern Category

No affiliate or courtesy faculty appointment is necessary for this category of Exchange Visitor. ISFS will email the ID Center asking that an ID card be issued to the J-1 Intern after the Intern's mandatory check-in appointment.

The OSU ID Center is located in Room 094 of the Kerr Administration Building.