Families and Dependents

Oregon State University supports scholars that wish to bring their families and dependents to the United States. There are many things to consider when you move your family to another place. We have compiled many of the common resources for your convenience.

Common Questions


Things to Consider

Before bringing your family with you to Corvallis,  you should consider the added expenses for medical insurance, medical  care, living expenses, and perhaps school-related expenses. Make careful  financial plans before you arrive; Support for each dependent (spouse or  child) for one year in Corvallis is estimated to be over $5,000. There is limited University housing for families at OSU and there is a  long wait before an on-campus apartment is available. However,  off-campus housing is generally available for families with children,  but not necessarily close to the campus. The average cost of a  two-bedroom apartment is $800-$900 per month. Please note that not all  apartments will rent to families with children.


Resources for Families


Who qualifies as a dependent?

Dependents are the primary international scholar's spouse or an unmarried minor child under 21 years of age. Dependent visa types will vary depending on the primary scholar’s visa type. Please see Bringing Dependents for more information.


How do I bring my dependents (spouse and/or child) to the United States?

Please see Bringing Dependents for more information and application procedures and forms.


How do I bring my other family members to the United States?

Family members or friends that are not your direct relative are not considered a dependent. Non-dependent family members will need to apply for a B visitor visa to visit the United States or a different visa type. Please see Bringing Dependents for more information.


What benefits do my dependents have? What rules must they follow?

Dependents have different employment and educational benefits depending on their visa type. Please see Dependent Benefits for more information.