Resources for Spouses and Families

There are many things to consider when you move your family to another place. We have compiled many of the common resources for your convience.
Before bringing your family with you to Corvallis, you should consider the added expenses for medical insurance, medical care, living expenses, and perhaps school-related expenses. Make careful financial plans before you arrive. Support for a dependent (spouse or child) for one year in Corvallis is estimated to be about $9,000. For each additional dependent, the minimum support is estimated at about $4,000. University housing for families is limited at OSU. There is a long wait before an on-campus apartment is available. However, off-campus housing is generally available for families with children, but not necessarily close to the campus. The average cost of a two-bedroom apartment is $800-$900 per month. Please note that not all apartments will rent to families with children.
See the Child and Family Resource Pre-Departure Guide for Parents for more information. 

Schools for Children

Corvallis and Philomath School District Sites

Please go to the following links for more information:

In order to enroll your children in Corvallis Public Schools, you will need to bring documents and immunization certificates from your home country. For more information, contact the Corvallis School District at 541-757-5811.

See also Frequently Asked Questions about Preparing Your Children for School in Corvallis

Child Care Services & Programs

Oregon State University recognizes the importance of quality child care information and services for university-associated families.  

English Language Opportunities


INTO OSU provides opportunities for learning English as a Second Language. See the INTO OSU website for more information.

Crossroads International

Crossroads International provides a link between the University and community members for students and scholars, as well as family members of international students or scholars.

Conversation School for Women

Crossroads Conversation School is for international women interested in improving their English language skills and making friends. The school is a non-religious, nonpolitical, ommunity program. Classes meet twice weekly in small groups of five to ten women. The school offers beginning to advanced instruction in conversational English at low cost. Students explore other cultures, learn English survival skills, and develop friendships. Childcare is provided at the school for an additional cost. For more information on how to apply, please click here.

English Conversation Groups

At this time we offer English Conversation Groups at no cost to students, faculty, their family members or community members. Groups meet twice weekly for one hour, at the Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center (CMLC) (128 SW 9th Street).  Contact the CMLC for more information.

Activities and Volunteer Opportunities

Spouses often want to find activites and opportunites to meet other people and explore their own interests. Please click here for a list of activities for children and volunteer opportunities.

Please note: any international visitor and his or her family members may volunteer. Volunteering is any activity which is not paid. A volunteer may not accept payment or compensation in the form of money, supplies, food, or any other benefit.

Visas for Spouses

J-2, F-2 and H-4 Visas for Spouses

If you are planning to bring your spouse on a dependent visa, please check with ISAS.

  • For F-2 and J-2 Students, please read Bringing Dependents on our Forms page.
  • Visiting scholars and international employees should check with an international scholar advisor for information about applying for J-2 and H-4 dependent visas.