Electronic I-94

As of April 30th 2013, Customs & Border Protection (CBP) began implementation of the automation of an electronic version of Form I-94. 

Once the automation is complete, in late May 2013, travelers will no longer receive a paper copy of form I-94 when entering the United States at all air and sea ports.  CBP will stamp admission category, date of entry, and duration of status in passports.  Travelers may print out a paper copy of their I-94 card by accessing their record online

  • USCIS will accept the following as evidence of lawful admission into the United States:
    • Paper format of the I-94 printed from CBP’s website
    • Photocopies of passport pages that contain the individual's biographical information, visa, and CBP admission stamp.
  • Paper copies of Form I-94 may still be required to show for I-9 verification, to the DMV, SSA, IRS, etc. International nonimmigrants may access and print electronic versions of their I-94 data while they are inside the US from this CBP webpage for up to two years after arrival in the US.  Arrival and Departure data is stored with the Department of Homeland Security permanently.
  • Paper cards will continue to be issued to travelers entering the United States by land and those international students and scholars who are admitted with an I-515A.
  • Individuals entering the US at Ports of Entry on the West Coast will still receive paper I-94 cards through the middle of May. 

See Customs & Border Protection for I-94 Instructions and the I-94 Fact Sheet (pdf).