Memoranda of Understanding

Description, viability test, template, and other information specific to this type of agreement. See also the guide to developing an international agreement for general instructions.


The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a general agreement that indicates an interest on the part of both institutions to engage in a broad range of future activities, such as joint research and faculty or student exchanges. The MOU does not bind OSU to any specific program. The MOU is active for five years and may be renewed by mutual agreement.

Viability Test for New Partnerships

  1. Is there a clear faculty-to-faculty connection with the partner institution that will lead to real collaboration?
  2. Are there significant opportunities for collaboration across the university?
  3. What kind of future collaboration is planned?


Memorandum of Understanding (MS Word Template)


  • Associate Provost for International Programs signs the agreement to indicate approval and support.
  • President Ray may optionally sign the agreement at the request of the partner institution.
  • For college-based partnerships, the College Dean may also sign to indicate approval and support.
  • Procurement and Contract Services provides the legally binding signature and is the last to sign the agreement for OSU.