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Traveling and Packing Tips

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Suggested by experienced ICSPers:

  • When you pack your bags call the airline and ask the weight limit ("since I packed my bags over the limit I almost got charged additional" - ICSP student)
  • Make sure all your documents (passport, visa, I-20) have copies made and keep them in different places
  • Make sure to bring winter/summer clothes
  • A waterproof rain jacket or umbrella would be great
  • Bring only a little money in your hand, and get traveler’s checks (make sure to write down travel check numbers in a different place in case you lose them). Also make change as soon as possible, so you can to make phone calls if needed
  • Have all the phone numbers handy
  • If staying with a host family, let them know of any transportation changes (such as delays or if you expect to arrive early!)
  • When in doubt, ask your ICSP "buddy" if you have questions
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