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You've been accepted into ICSP - Congratulations!  

"Now what?"

If you are just beginning at OSU in the fall, you have a lot to prepare!  You can begin to review day-to-day procedures as listed in the ICSP Handbook. 

The ICSP Handbook is designed to help you prepare for the requirements of the program, presentations, and communicating with requesters. We hope it is useful for you, but if you find there are topics you don't see addressed here, please contact the ICSP office, and offer your suggestion for additional materials. This helps us better prepare future students.


Topics in the ICSP handbook include:

  • Program Overview
    • Community Service: What, How, Why
    • Check-in Requirements, Accepting an Assignment
    • Causes for Removal from the Program
    • Transportation
    • Evaluations
    • Maintaining Your Hours
    • What to Do if You Are Sick
    • Self-Arranged Presentations
  • Protocols
    • presentation suggestions from evaluators (improving your presentation)
    • Protocols:  Cell phones, dress, language
    • Travel & Packing tips
    • Advice from other ICSP students, the University
  • Presentation guidelines
    • Presentations: an overview of common request venues
    • Tips for Organization and Delivery
    • Ideas for Things to Include
    • Personalizing Your Presentation
    • Culture and Other Topics
    • Talking About Family, Hospitality, Friendship in your Culture
    • Sample Outline
    • Sample Questions You Might Be Asked
    • Cooking Demonstrations
    • Resources
  • Map of the "Pick-up location"


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