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Application Procedure

Priority application rolling deadlines are November 5, December 5, 2015 and January 5, February 5, 2016. In order to receive full consideration for this scholarship, 2016-2017 applications should be received by Final deadline midnight, SundayMay 1, 2016. If you are new to OSU, you must apply formally to the OSU Admissions Office before submit your ICSP application. For information regarding admission to OSU, see the OSU International Admissions page. Your admission status to OSU will be taken into consideration during the ICSP scholarship reviewing process.

*When submit your application material via the following email account, please put your full name on the subject line, and ONE email with all the required material is much preferred and appreciated.


  1.         Complete the ICSP online application form
  2.         Write two essay responses answering the following two questions. Submit the two essays to the ICSP Committee at isas.scholarships@oregonstate.edu :

a.     Please write a brief bio about yourself highlighting your international experience and describing your financial need. Please note that ICSP is a merit-based scholarship. Financial need will   be taken into consideration for the scholarship, but will not be the primary reason for selection. 

b.     What will YOU do to share your culture in your academic college or on campus at OSU. What are some of the successful experience that you have had sharing cultures?


              3.            Choose a cultural topic and make a short 2-minute video. The video should be either about your hometown/country or another country you have visited.  The topic is up to you, however, you should                                 make the video as interesting as possible. You can add your own voice, music, pictures, or any clips you took during the journey. Please make sure you include your full name in the video, so the ICSP                           Committee can identify who is creating the video. To see an example of the video, please click here.  Once it is completed, please upload the video to the YouTube website by following the instruction below:

·         Go to YouTube https://www.youtube.com/ and sign in: if you are currently studying at OSU already, you can sign in with your ONID username and password; if you are new and haven’t set up your ONID account, please create a YouTube account with your personal email.

·         On the upper right corner of the YouTube site, you can find the ‘Upload’ button and click on it.  Make sure you choose ‘Unlisted’ from the drop down menu. Once your video is uploaded, please send the link to your unlisted video to isas.scholarships@oregonstate.edu



        Note: All application materials must be received via email. In the event there is absolutely no way for you to submit application electronically, please contact the ICSP Committee immediately at isas.scholarships@oregonstate.edu for an alternative solution. NO paper application will be accepted without pre-arrangement with the ICSP Committee.                                 If you have any questions about the application, please contact us at isas.scholarships@oregonstate.edu.


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