Integration of the Curriculum
Across the Disciplines


Webbed curricula commonly use a thematic approach to integrate subject matter. Broad themes such as change, cultures, discovery, environments, interaction, inventions, power, systems, time and work provide a greater opportunity for teachers of various disciplines to find common topics, concepts and skills.

Themes may be created which address different concentrations. Three of these are concepts, topics and categories. A few examples include:

Concentrations for Integration
Concepts Topics Categories
Change Community Adventure
Culture Partnerships Biographies
Discovery Relationships Medieval Times
Freedom Society Science Fiction


Webbing is a systematic process for recording brainstorming. The process involves all the members of the integrated team, and is used to determine the topics, concepts and skills to be addressed in the curriculum.

The illustration shown below is a simple example of a web for the theme: CHANGE.


There are many procedures for brainstorming and recording the process. No matter which process is used, there are a few guidelines which make brainstorming more effective.