Integration of the Curriculum
Across the Disciplines


The immersed methodology focuses all curricular content on interest and expertise. With this methodology, integration takes place within the learners, with little or no outside intervention.

For example, students such as doctoral candidates are generally immersed in a field of study. These students integrate all information and data to answer a question or interest or solve a problem. This immersed study is often undertaken in a field of intense interest or passion.

Similarly, a young child will immerse themselves in drawing pictures or writing stories about subjects which they are extremely interested. This is normal behavior which is often viewed by teachers as obsessive and therefore diverted.

Just as most artists and writers have a passion for their field, immersed learners continually make connections between their chosen topic of interest and subjects. Immersion takes advantage of this intense interest and allows students to make these connections and self-direct their learning based on those interests.