Lecture Outlines

Please note: The schedule of lectures only indicates the chapter from which I will be lecturing. Assigned readings for each lecture are indicated on this page next to the link for each lecture outline. The assigned readings (page numbers shown) not the entire chapter, are what I will hold you responsible for on the exam (in addition to whatever we discuss in lecture or recitation).

I have indicated the pages in the textbook that are relevant to the topics covered in the lecture. Please note that the page numbers refer to the 4th edition of the text.

Basic Cell chemistry 1 Chapter 2 (pages 43-58)

You may also wish to review the topic in Campbell and Reece, Chapter 5 or Raven and Johnson, Chapter 3, both of which are basic biology texts available in the library.

Basic Cell chemistry 2 (no assigned readings)

Genome Organization (Chapter 5, p 155-165; 167-175)

Genome organization contd. /DNA replication (Chapter 6, Pages 201-209)

Maintenance of Genome integrity (Chapter 6, pages 214-224)

Transcription (Chapter 7, pages 254-258;262-266;268-271;281-284.)

RNA Processing (Chapter 7, pages 290-292)

Protein folding and modification (Chapter 8, pages 329-335)

Protein regulation and degradation (Chapter 8, pages 339-348)

Membranes and the cell surface (Chapter 2, pages 58-65; Chapter 13, pages 556-559; Chapter 14, pages 575-580)

The Nuclear Envelope and Nuclear-cytoplasmic traffic (Chapter 9 pages 355-370).

The Endoplasmic Reticulum and Protein Sorting (Chapter 10, pages 385-397; 403-406).

The Golgi apparatus and Lysosomes (Chapter 10, pages 408-410; 419-428)

Chloroplasts and Energy Capture (Chapter 11, Pages 451-455; 458-461)

Mitochondria (Chapter 11, pages 433-439)

The Cytoskeleton (Chapter 12, pages 497-517, 511-517, 473-491)

Cell Signaling 1 (Chapter 15 , pages 599-616.)

Cell Signaling 2 (No assigned reading from text)

The Cell Cycle (Chapter 16, pages 650-661; 669-677)

Cell Renewal and Apoptosis (No assigned reading from text)

Cancer 1 (Chapter 18, pages 719-729; 733-738)

Cancer 2 (Chapter 18, pages 738-742; 746-750)