Cross Cultural Issues in Education: Learning Through Listening
Ethnic Studies 499/599 Sociology 499/599
Ethnic Studies Spring Field Course 2001
Course Goals:
From March 25 to 29th 2001 twenty students from Oregon State University took a non-traditional approach to understanding
cross-cultural issues in education. The students spent five days visiting Portland, Salem, Independence, and Corvallis in order to listen to the perspectives of various stakeholders (superintendents, legislators, principals, teachers, students, parents, and community advocates). Throughout the week students also reflected on course readings, wrote journal entries, formulated questions for the stakeholders, created mind maps, and watched short videos on the challenges which face Hispanic and African American students in the Oregon school system. Shared reflection on the information obtained through intense listening experiences contributed to the students better understanding of  the education issues as presented from different social positions and perspectives. By doing all of these activities students got a better understanding of the ways in which various stakeholder
groups in Oregon are working together and alone in order to serve an increasingly diverse primary and secondary school
Course Directors:
Erlinda Gonzales-Berry, Department of Ethnic Studies

Dwaine Plaza, Department of Sociology

Course Facilitator
Lisa Gaines, International Research & Development (Training Coordinator)

Course teaching team at a planning meeting (Lisa, Dwaine & Erlinda)

Course Syllabi for 2001 Spring Break Class

Team building/listening exercises at the Portland State Dorm retreat

Driving around the State on rainy Spring Break days to meet with stakeholders

Teacher and School Board Liaison Eduardo Malddondo & Armando Gonzales

Freddie, Mark interviewing Carrie Adams, Mr Moreno and Lisa Manning

Noah helping to interview Geoff Brookes and Deborah Cochrane

Active Listening Becky, James, Spencer Mark, Mike and Ross

Becky & Georgia interviewing State Department of Education Representative Mr. Merced Flores

Dr. Robert Thompson being interviewed by Helen and Tyna

Final night of dinner and presentations back to the stakeholders

Link to Student Web Pages from 2001 Spring Break Class

Link to Student Web Pages from 2000 Spring Break Class