Peak-to-Peak World Championship
Men's and Women's Basketball Tournament

                                        Peak-to-Peak World Championship                            

Annual All-Indian Peak-to-Peak World Championship Men's and Women's
Basketball Tourney: Held for the past 5 decades in Chiloquin, Oregon, this
traditional tournament host's teams from around the United States and
Canada. 16 Men and Women's teams are invited to take part in
friendly competition through the sport of basketball.

2007 we celebrated our 53rd Year of the tournament.

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Klamath Falls Pop Warner2006 GRCC Volleyball Team Photo                                                                                                                                   













During our visit to Chiloquin and Klamath Falls, some of the issues presented were; Tribal issues, environmental issues, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol use, , youth in small towns. Some of the tribal issues were; the depletion of their rights and land which were somewhat restored. The number of sucker fish has been depleted since the dam was built which has effected the traditions and rituals.  There is a high rate of teenage pregnancies throughout the whole community. This could be because there are not many facilities such as Planned Parenthood which could educate both males and females about safe sex or the importance of abstinence. Recreation and sports are everywhere in Klamath County. Camping, fishing and hiking await every visitor. Lakes and streams are fished for trout, steelhead and Kokanee. There are many hiking trails in the area, and for the adventuresome, even mountain climbing. Climbers will enjoy spectacular views from Pelican Butte and Mt. McLaughlin. 33 is a popular sport, and there are many ski and snowmobile trails in the north county area, as well as Nordic slopes, lifts and facilities at the Willamette Pass Ski Area. Klamath County is proud to claim Crater Lake National Park (shown in the picture below), Oregon's only National Park. The lodge was recently fully restored and opens for visitors and guests. While visiting the park, you can take the Rim Drive and experience the spectacular scenery at each viewpoint. There are narrated hiking tours and evening programs about the natural history of the park. A favorite activity is taking a boat excursion out to Wizard Island and the Phantom Ship







Youth migration is also quite high in this community; as there are not many jobs or opportunities to further their education other than the Oregon Institute of Technology (the Athletic Department creates educational opportunities through the medium of competition at the collegiate level as well as the opportunity to benefit personal health and fitness to the campus community through the Tech-Fit facilities and educational classes offered). The stakeholders we spoke with, during our visit in Klamath Falls all pointed out that sport in rural cities is a major factor for the community as a whole. The schools not only benefit from the activities after school but the students and family members also find that sports could be an avenue for success. In order to see the true significance of sports one must recognize that being on a team changes ones perspective from an individual to group (band of brothers). Sports in this community is very important as it takes kids off the street and keeps them out of trouble. Entire communities go to games in support of the individuals who sacrifice their time for the love of their teammates and the love of the games.  We have learned in their lives that it is not really a sacrifice but a part of growing up that took place along with development of their skills. People would rather open the newspaper on Saturday morning after the Friday night football game and see a picture of the Quarterback rather than another teen pregnancy or an arrest for drug use.  As we conclude this research we feel that sports is not only a way to bring whole communities together but it helps in the development of teens during the time of their lives when they need it most.      



In Klamath county, the schools within the district have been suffering from a 50% matriculation rate in which half of the students in a the 2006 graduating class are dropping out because of reasons stated above. This sends a message to the teens within the community that education is not a big deal in cities such as Klamath. Sports could have a positive effect on individuals, by how they view themselves to the community thus influencing them on their decision making. For example, students who are a part of a team recognize that one bad decision could also affect their teammates in such a way that might be detrimental.


Pride of Klamath Falls: DAN O’BRIEN


 Larry Hunt, a high school arts teacher (at Klamath Falls, Oregon) interested young O'Brien in the decathlon. Dan was 4th at 84 TAC Juniors as a prep senior then enrolled at University of Idaho under Coach Mike Keller. Unready for college life he floundered until 1988, qualified for 88 Olympic Trials while with Duane Hartman at Spokane Community College, then re-enrolled at Idaho where an injury negated much of his final year of eligibility.
          O'Brien remained in Moscow, Idaho area and trained with Keller and nearby Washington State Coach Rick Sloan. He made a breakthrough in 1990 with initial 8" in Pullman Washington, and then was runner-up to Dave Johnson at both TAC (8484w) nationals and Goodwill Games earning him # 4 world ranking. Dan also made the first VISA-USA national team which provided training and living support. With vault weakness corrected, O'Brien went to top of world in 91, just missing Daley Thompson's world record while winning TAC nationals (8844w), then captured his first of three IAAF world championships in Tokyo.
          1992 was as low a season and as high a season as any decathlete could imagine. At age 25 O'Brien was primed for prominence and fame. Nike, the show manufacturer, featured O'Brien and Dave Johnson in an elaborate show promotion featuring Dan and Dave entitled To be Settled in Barcelona. Then O'Brien suffered a stress fracture in early spring. He biked, swam, stayed in shape and went to the Olympic Trials in New Orleans a bit shy of technical training. Regardless he was on record pace when he missed the opening height in the vault ruining his Olympic chances. Ten weeks later, at Talence's DecaStar, he broke Daley Thompson's world record with a gaudy 8891 total.
          But without an Olympic gold medal O'Brien believed his career would be lacking. So he, Keller and Sloan planned and executed a virtually perfect Olympiad. In the next four years Dan went undefeated, won a two more IAAF world titles (Stuttgart and Goteborg), the Goodwill Games crown (St. Petersburg), and, on a warm August Atlanta evening in 1996, convincingly won the Olympic gold that the public had expected four years earlier. In the meantime he had piled up 4 more national crowns. In the process his lowest score (8682) was virtually better than anyone else's best score. So dominant was O'Brien that the 90's might be called Dan's decade.
          Unexpectedly Dan, now 30, did not announce his retirement after his Atlanta Olympic win. He took 97 off, but trained diligently in 98 wining another Goodwill Games title with world's best score. In 1999 Czech Tomas Dvorak broke Dan's world record (8994) and Dan announced his intention to compete with an eye on Sydney and regaining his WR.


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