Cross Cultural Issues In Native America:
Learning Through Listening
Spring Break 2003 Ethnic Studies /Sociology Field Course
                                                                                 James Collins (Siletz) OSU Graduate 1888
From March 23 to March 27 twenty-one students took a non-traditional action research approach to learning about issues that face Native American populations in Oregon. The students spent five days interacting with the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians and related stakeholders on the Oregon coast. By carefully listening to and interacting with different community stakeholders including: school officials, human health and service providers, casino and gaming officials, high school students,  chamber of commerce, and tribal leaders, the students developed a better understanding of the complex cross-cultural issues that face Native American populations in Oregon today.
2003 Course Syllabi
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Course Directors Dwaine Plaza and Kurt Peters

The Hatfield Marie Life Center provided accommodations for the two nights we lived in the community

Retreat activities on Sunday-- Kurt facilitating with the students

Interviewing stakeholders at Nye beach (Monday)--bonding activities

Kelly and Tamy interviewing Mr Hutchinson (Director of the Newport Chamber of Commerce)

Sue Ann and  Kanan interview Sharon Branstiter (Mayor of Toledo)

Peter and Aimee interview Maire Jones (Community Services Consortium)

Brandon and  Kanan interview stakeholder Frank Simmons (Tribal Elder)

The students with Delores Pigsley (Siletz Tribal Chair) special guest Rose

Jennifer and Lisa interviewing Nancy McCrary (Tribal Social Services)

Darla and Lana interviewing Judy Mushchamp (Tribal Health Director)

Students with Joann Miller (Tribal Council Member-- Secretary)

Students with Robert Kentta (Tribal Cultural Resources Director)

Students with Tina Retasket (Assistant General Manager of the Siletz Tribe)

Brain and Allan interviewing Mike Kennedy (Tribal Natural Resources Manager)

Jim and Katie interviewing Craig Whitehead (Siletz Pow Wow Coordinator)

Aimee and Katie interview Alison White Eyes and Delphine Jackson (MEO and EOP  at OSU)

Marya and Allan interview Samantha & Rebecca Hatfield (Special guest Taddy) (graduate students at OSU)

Darla and Bahaa interview Jim Kikumoto (Chinook Winds Casino Manager)

Jim Kikumoto gave the group a comprehensive tour of the casino and its operations

Jim and Jennifer interview Sar Richardson (Director of the Chinook Winds Casino Operations)

The students posing outside of the Chinook Winds Casino.

The students learn the secrets of Eureka Cemetery from Pearleen Edge

Lana, Bahaa and Allen work together to collect tomb stone data at Eureka Cemetery

Students working together to prepare before their final presentation at the Siletz tribal center

The students hosted a stakeholder and guest dinner before their final presentation

The students presented back  to the stakeholders what they learned throughout the week about the community

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