Cross Cultural Issues In Environmental Justice:
Learning Through Listening

March 21 to March 25, 2004
From March 21 to March 25 fourteen students took a non-traditional action research approach to learning about Environmental Justice in Oregon. Through listening, analysis and collaboration with different community stakeholders including: farmers, environmental activists, state legislators, urban planners, economists, health care providers, extension services, urban developers, media reporters, fishing industry representatives, and community residents, course participants  developed a better understanding of the complex web of issues that exist in trying to achieve environmental justice in the State of Oregon today. The course embodied a non-traditional approach to learning that blurred the boundaries between teacher/ student/ community/ researchers. Below is a record of their journey and some valuable lessons learned about Environmental Justice in Oregon.

Link to Draft Course Syllabi

Course Directors: Dwaine Plaza, Paul Barkley and Kurt Peters

Lani Roberts (Environmental Philosophy) stakeholder meeting in the honors college on Sunday.

Bob Zybeck (Newport Environmental Historian) stakeholder.

Dave Hatch receiving award from Roxanne after his presentation on the Otter Restoration project

Mark and  Josh practicing their back to back house drawing skills.

A group of students working together in learning teams to build questions for stakeholders.

Students making a journal entry at the Hatfield Center.

Students spent time at the Hatfield Marine Life Center collecting data on the fishing industry in Oregon.

Noelia, Tiffany, Amanda and Susana collecting data on oyster fishing in Oregon.

Connie Kennedy (Chair of the Fisherman's Wives of NewPort) being interviewed by Amanda and Mark.

Fran Recht (Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission) stakeholder.

Ron Eber State Department of Land Development Stakeholder

Stressed look on Lynn and Alissa's faces as they wait to find out about the van keys in Salem.

Alissa, Noelia and Amanda waiting for the van keys in the Salem parking lot.-- a little more relaxed.

Peter Gutowsky (Natural Resources Planner for the City of Salem).

Kevin Odell and Charles Bishop PACE-EH stakeholders

Jeri Sundaval EJAG stakeholder

Group being given instructions at the Albany Paper Company before the plant tour began.

We saw trucks levitate at the  Albany Paper Company.

Mayor Berg met with the group at the Native American Long house.

Steve Love and Sherry Pleu guided the group on a tour of the Hewlett Packard Plant in Corvallis.

Larry Venell (Grass Seed Farmer) spoke to our group on his farm in Corvallis.

Emory Castle  being presented with a certificate of appreciation from the class.

Teresa Hogue media reporter from the Gazette times met with the group at the OSU Native American Longhouse.

The final dinner presentation took place at Westminster House. Forty people attended including stakeholders
and members of the interested public.

The final presentation consisted of student groups outlining the major themes they heard from stakeholders on
what Environmental Justice Meant to them.

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