Dominance and Trauma: Aikido for the Soul (Spring 2011)

Course Directors: Professors Dwaine Plaza  & Oscar Montemayor

Course Syllabus 2011

The dominance of one culture or social value system over others has historically resulted in discrimination, pogroms, genocides, and even world wars. The quest for dominance has also inflicted much social and psychological trauma on individuals. In the United States today, awareness of one’s invisible privileges has more recently become an important topic on college campus. When confronted with the pain and dominance of racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and/or able-bodyism individuals often develop personal coping strategies. The spring 2011 Sociology class taught  students how to use the core principles of racial Aikido (blocking and redirecting negative energy) as a coping strategy to deal with past, present and future social and psychological trauma.  Students also learned techniques to help others in their struggle for positive self-esteem in our culture of white Euro-American hegemonic dominance and discourse. The students below are displaying their poster projects which was the first step in putting together their live YouTube videos of popular culture.

Trevor HumphreyVictor Mondragon
   Trevor Humphrey and Victor Mondragon

Sir Henry Anderson
                                                                                                                                                                                   Sir Henry Anderson & Analisa Reyna

Ryan BernardiRoberto Nelson
                                                                                                                                                                                   Ryan Bernardi and Roberto Nelson

                                                                                                                                                                                            Katherine Hilliard

Junnel UdaundoJohn JewkesJasmine
Daisy Padilla, Junnel Udaundo, John Jukes & Jasmine Gruenstein

James RogersGenevie GuevaraEvangelina
                                                                                    Jacqueline Bonciolini & James Rogers                            Genevie Guevara                                                                       Evangelina Torres-Chavez

Elizabeth GonzalesDavidGonzalesChristopherNavarro
                                                                     Elizabeth Gonzalez                                                                              David Gonzales                                                                Christopher Navarro

As one of the products for the Sociology course students worked in groups to create an original YouTube video on the theme of the socialization of children through the mass media. The videos which follow are all different but have some similar themes which include:  the representations of gender, race, social class or sexuality themes in children’s popular culture (fairytales, magazines, books, television shows, or cartoons).  Each YouTube is between 3-5 minutes and focused on helping viewers understand how popular culture influences the consciousness of children. Click on the links below to view the students YouTube productions.

Dominic Glover

Jacqueline Bonciolini & James Rogers

Ryan Bernardi

Doris Gonzales & David Gonzales

Junnel Udaundo, Daisy Padilla & Elizabeth Gonzales

Teressa Hartley & Roberto Nelson

Evangelina Torres-Chavez

Jasmine Gruenstein & Kenna Emerson

Trevor Humphrey & Elizabeth Dietz