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Interpersonal Communication

Body Language

Course Description

Interpersonal communication in the classroom for you as "teacher" involves three important issues about you as a person: who you are; how you express yourself; and external influences which affect your expression of yourself. This module guides you through an examination of Interpersonal communication in your educational environment. Special focus is placed on your interactions in the classroom examining how you express yourself to your students, and to others in your educational setting. Also, external influences which affect your interpersonal communication are examined. You will then have the opportunity to reflect upon the information you have gained and how this information can inform your practice.

Facilitating your examination will be access to resources which aid you in learning and using strategies to deal constructively, and in your own personal way, with interpersonal communication in the classroom. A Capstone project utilizing what you have learned and the results of your reflections serve as the culmination of this learning experience.

Course Content

  1. Advisory functions for students in formal and informal settings.
  2. Interact thoughtfully and courteously with colleagues, administrators, and parents.
  3. Resolving conflicts in a positive manner, respecting the cultural context of the community.

Capstone Activity

For your capstone activity, provide evidence that you are capable of recognizing appropriate interpersonal communication in educational environments. Write several sample dialogs between yourself and a hypothetical student or students. Use the knowledge you have gained in this module about yourself and constructive ways of interacting personally with all students (regardless of race, gender, culture, color, religion, socioeconomic status, or physical capability) in different situations.

Imagine each of these "dialogues" as a "play" which will be performed on television or videotaped and shown to other pre-service teachers as useful guides to interpersonal communication skills in the classroom. At the end of each dialogue write a brief summary of why you chose the situation you did, and how you think such a situation would "play out" if encountered in a real classroom setting.

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