(3) Text Map of Part II
of the 8 pages of our Reading (Pp.74-81)

Section Topic

1. Reality is determinate

2. The general nature of the variability and inconstancy of human opinion.

3. The humanist skeptical crisis

4. Scientific skeptical crisis -- Astronomy, Medicine, Physics

Page Reference

Pg. 74 First paragraph after break
"That things do not lodge in us..."

Pg. 74 Second para.

to Pg. 75
"...that our century has produced."

Pg. 75 Last full paragraph

Pg. 75 Final paragraph

to bottom of last full para. on Pg. 76

Section Topic

5. Discovery of the new world adds to scientific crisis -- Geography

6. Skepticism in regard to the senses.
This section also has a variety of parts
7. Judging appearances and the problem of the criterion 8. Existence is not constant

Page Reference

Pg. 76 Final paragraph

to Break on Pg. 77
Pg. 77 after break

to Pg. 80 "...need a judge that never was."
Pg. 80 "To judge the appearances..."

to Pg. 81 "...never be finished."
Last five paragraphs on Pg. 81

A text map of 6-7 -- judgement and the truths of the senses

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