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NOTE: These reading guides are from earlier quarters and are no longer in use in class. I have left these exercises up mainly for people other than those taking Phl. 302 at Oregon State. If you are taking the course you should consult the current Syllabus to determine what your current assignment is.

Often encountering a philosophy text for the first time is difficult. You may well know little about the author, the book may be written in a language of a bygone age, the problems unfamiliar. These difficulties beset the first reader of even beautifully written philosophical works. Almost all the works we are reading are very well written, though some are more outstanding than others.

This page links you to reading guides for most of the works you will read in class in the course of the quarter. Reading Guides are aimed to help you focus on the reading of difficult philosophical material and to get a reasonably good idea of what is there. Exercises aim to help you understand particular schools of philsophy, or a particular concept or passage.


  1. Reading Guide for Las Casas and Other Things
  2. Reading Guide forMeditations I and II
  3. Reading Guide for Meditations III through VI
  4. Reading Guide for Cottingham The Rationalists Chapter 4
  5. Reading Guide for Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding
  6. Reading Guide for Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding cont.
  7. Reading Guide for Locke on Identity
  8. Reading Guide for Locke's The Second Treatise concerning Civil Government
  9. Reading Guide for Berkeley's The First Dialogue between Hylas and Philonous
  10. Reading Guide for Hume's Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding


  1. Talking to Descartes: --An e-mail conversation--
  2. Exercise: Locke and Equiano on Slavery
  3. Exercise: Berkeley on Primary and Secondary Qualities

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