Phl 302
Dr. Uzgalis
Winter 1999

Parts of Philosophy

Philosophy has traditionally been divided into parts. There is epistemology (from the Greek episteme = knowledge and logos 'study' or 'account of') which is the part of philosophy which deals with issues surrounding our knowledge of ourselves and the rest of the universe. There is metaphysics which deals with questions about what is, the structure of the universe. Then there are ethics which deals with how we ought to act, and logic which deals with the cannons of good reasoning.

These parts have had a different scope and content over time. What we call logic is in some ways the same and in some ways very different from logic as it was understood in the seventeenth century. The essays in this part of the web site aim to help you understand what issues seventeenth century epistemologists and metaphysicians were concerned with.

How to Acquire Knowledge

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