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This page will link you to files relating to many great and some lesser philosophers of the sixteenth through the eighteenth century and in a few cases to some royal patrons of philosophy. All of these files contain some information about these philosophers, some more some less. Some of them link you to on line sites with more information.

The era we are studying was very rich in philosophical activity. The European philosophcial community during this period was very connected, and it is often helpful to understand the influences which produce a particular philosophical position. These files will give you some idea of how widespread that community was, and indicate some of the influences that philosophers had on one another.

We will not be studying all of these philosophers in this course, though there are files for all the philosophers we are studying. The others are there to provide you with background, and as possible paper topics.

Philosophers from Spain and Mexico

Philosophers from Italy

Philosophers from France

Philosophers from England

Philosophers from Holland

Philosophers from Germany

Philosophers from Sweden

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