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Discussion Forums

One of the tools we are going to use is a threaded discussion tool. Our class has its own forum page or conference. On this page you will find a variety of forums -- that is particular subject areas. This tool allows you to post messages on the world wide web where they can be read by others. It also allows you or others to reply to messages. The tool organizes these messages so that messages and responses or successive messages about the same topic are grouped together in threads. There can be a single thread in a forum with many messages appended to it, or a number of threads. This depends on the variety of topics which are being discussed.

Many of your assignments will be posted in different forums. This way we have an organized way of keeping track of the topics we discuss, and the messages and responses. For this kind of organization, this kind of tool works much better than simply using e-mail.

Threaded discussion tools are sometimes quirky. So, at least on rare occasions, you have to worry about whether your message got posted or lost. This happens quite rarely. But , it is annoying, to say the least, to lose hard work which one has just completed. The best way to avoid this problem is to type your messages in your favorite word processor, and save them. Then copy the message and paste it into the forum. That way if something goes wrong you have the original.

The address (URL) of our forum is:


If you forget the address you can always come here to get to the forums.