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Unit 3: Activity

Skpticism about the senses

This is going to be two page essay about "Skepticsm and the senses."

Write a brief introductory account of the nature of skeptical reasoning. (Skeptical reasoning is the general strategy and process of reasoning by which skeptics seek to show that knowledge is not possible. Your job is to describe the strategy and the process which leads to suspension of judgement.) Give a brief account of the different subjects which make Renaissance skepticism unique.

You are going to focus on Montaigne's attack on knowledge derived from the senses. Montaige makes a serious effort to undermine claims that we get any knowledge from the senses. Explain the argument. Try to make it clear how the argument fits the general strategy of skeptical reasoning. You may want to summarize or reconstruct the argument. You might also want to consider a particular example or two. So you might talk about the role that dreaming plays in his skeptcism in regard to the senses. Or health and sickness. Provide a brief evaluation of how effective you take Montaigne's argument to be. This entire essay should be about two pages in length.

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