Locke 3: Overview


Start Date: May 17

  1. Go through the Overview section of the unit.
  2. Go through the Background section of the unit.
  3. Read Travels of Equiano. Read Chapters 4 and 16 of Locke's Second Treatise
  4. Read the Commentary section and reread the relevant pages of the Second Treatise of Civil Government.
  5. Do activities associated with reading Chapters 4 and 16 in Locke's Second Treatise and in the corresponding part of the Commentary section of the unit on Locke's theory of slavery.
  6. Read the section on Maxims from book IV of the An Essay Concerning Human Understanding.
  7. Do the Activity: "Locke and the Blackamoor" This is a 1- 2 page essay.
  8. Do the Activity section: "Equiano and the Judge" This is to apply Locke's account of legitimate slavery to the case of Afro-American slavery. (This means the argument developed in the preceding unit is being applied here, thus connecting the two units.) You will work in pairs to do this.
  9. Go on to the Unit on Berkeley -- Unit 11.