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Locke 2

Phl 302 - distance -- Locke 2: Overview

Locke 2: Overview


Start Date: May 10

  1. Go through the Overview section of the unit.
  2. Go through the Background section of the unit.
  3. Read The Second Treatise of Civil Government.
  4. Read the Commentary section and reread the relevant pages of the Second Treatise.
  5. Do the Activity section: "Arguing for the legitimacy of regicide" Your job here is to explain in a page Locke's argument for the legitimacy of revolution and regicide under certain conditions.
  6. Do the forum discussion: "A criterion for revolution?" This discussion activity asks you to explore the relevance of Locke's discussion of revolution to the world today.
  7. Go on to the Unit on Locke and Slavery -- Unit 10.