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Locke 1

Locke 1: Overview


Start Date: May 3

  1. Go through the Background section of the unit.
  2. Read Chapters 1-12 and 22 and 23 of Book II of An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. You will find this in our book The Empiricists This edition is quite abridged. It does not, for example, include Book I of the Essay. So, when you open the book, which starts with Locke (and then has works by Berkeley and Hume in it) you will be beginning at just the right place. We also have a version of the Essay on line.
  3. Read the Commentary section on these pages and then reread the relevant pages of the Essay
  4. Read Chapters 1-4 and 9 of Book IV of the Essay.
  5. Read the Commentary section on this section and reread the relevant pages of the Essay.
  6. Do the quiz which is the Activity for this unit.
  7. Go on to the second Unit on Locke -- Unit 9.