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Argument Summary and Putting the Parts Together

1. In Chapter 3 Las Casas repeats the second argument which I summarized for you in the Commentary section and then gives another argument. This argument is against Aristotle's claim that "it is lawful to hunt or catch barbarians of this type like wild beasts so that they might be led to the right way of life." Summarize this argument. Look at the explanation of how to give argument summaries in Writing Philosophy Papers: A Student Guide and use the summary of the argument which I gave you as a model for length and detail. Be sure to explain what role the Golden Rule plays in this argument.

2. When you have finished summarizing this argument, you should write a brief account of how these three arguments ("The Main Argument," "The Argument from Rarity" and the argument which you summarized) fit together to make Las Casas' case against Sepulveda. Remember, to understand something you must grasp the parts and see how the parts fit together into a whole.

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