Eventually this page will list all of the assignments in the course. This does not include the books and web pages which you are supposed to read for each unit. Rather, it is a list of quizes, essays, and discussion and communication activities which require you to do something, to answer questions, write an essay and so forth. You will get a brief description of each assignment and an estimate of how much work those assignments involve and how much that assignment counts towards your grade. Given that the course, in this incarnation, has never been taught, it is rather difficult for me to give you such a complete list at this point. So, I am going to do this in stages. This page, at present, will list the kinds of assignments you will be doing and some of the assignments. As time goes on it will become more and more complete.

Kinds of assignments

Questions and quizes You will be asked to answer questions, sometimes while reading the commentary, sometimes full blown quizes about the primary material you are reading. Some of these will be graded, others ungraded. In all cases you will get feedback about how you did. The graded quizes will be QuestWriter activites, so you will be able to access your QW gradebook any time you wish to see how you did.

Essays With almost every unit you will be writing a brief essay about the material you are reading. Twice, in the course of the quarter, I will have you take the pieces you create in this fashion and put them together into a larger essay. These larger essays will be 5 to 7 pages. They should not be too difficult to write, however, as you will have the basic pieces which you need to put together to write these essays.

Discussion pieces Part of what we are going to do is to discuss issues which are connected with the reading which you are doing. When we consider Renaissance skepticism, for example, it might be worth while to try to get some sense of how important skepticism is in our intellectual life. Similarly, when we talk about Descartes' efforts to base knowledge claims on certain foundations, it may be useful and important to talk about why being able to distinguish between what you know and what you don't is important. Discussion pieces will be posted in the appropriate forum for each unit.