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Communication Activity #4

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

1. Read The Craft of Inquiry
2. Read your Classic Text #2
3. Analyze your clasic text:
               Identify the philosophical problem that the author(s) of this text are seeking to solve.
               Identify one point in the classic text that is interesting and or clear to you.
               Identify one point (idea, claim, etc.) in the classic text that is unclear to you.
4. Write a message for the Communication Activity #4 forum that in which you present the results of your step 3 analysis. Post that message to the discussion forum.
5. Return to the discussion forum. Read the analysis messages by at least four other students (at least one of which should be from your own framework group).
6. Post a message to at least three of the messages that you read, in which you ask one substantive question about their message and the text. This substantive question should be based on the analysis that they gave, your reading of the classic text, and the material about questions in The Craft of Inquiry. Make an effort to communicate actively with members of your own group.
7. Return to the Communication Activity #4 forum. Read the responses to your analysis. Reply as you see fit.



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