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Framework Feedback

As you read the five Philosophical Frameworks, consider which to select as closest to your own thinking. When you select one, you will be forming a framework group. You may find aspects of the other Frameworks compatible with your ideas. You may find other aspects of those Frameworks incompatible with your own ideas.

The task here is to provide your feedback to the framework groups that you do not select. Below you will find links to the five CA#1 Forums. Visit the forum for each of the four Frameworks that you do not select and add your comments on the ideas of that Framework. Preferably say something about what you thinks are the strengths and weaknesses of that view. Remember that these are public forums (even to the global internet public) and that we are striving to address one another constructively and philosophically. Here are some of the ways we can work to achieve that aim:

  • Asking questions
  • Providing interpretations
  • Examining arguments
  • Examining concepts
  • Raising doubts
  • Pointing out inconsistencies
  • Giving examples
  • Adding support
  • Giving counter-examples
  • Pointing out unclarities
  • Making comparisons

There is a great deal you can do in constructively commenting on a philosophical view. Below are links to the Framework Forums.

Be sure to read some of the posts that others make and comment on them. Check back at least once to see if anyone has responded to your post.

(note: when you first enter the InterQuest Forums area, you may need to select your forums in order to view them. Do this by selecting "options" from the small buttons on the top of the Forums page. Within the options menu you can select checkboxes to view the forums to view. Once you have done this for a particular forum, you need not do so again. This is not a totally simple or intuitive process, so let me know if you have any trouble.)


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