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Communication Activity #5

Expert Reading

Objective: To apply the techniques of expert reading to an important and challenging text.



1. Read The Growth of Meaning and take notes on the methods of expert reading.

2. Read your Classic Text #5 once over for familiarity.

3. Reread your Classic Text #2 critically and take notes on it. Ascertain the following from your reading:

Contextual Information: Information about the article, author, date of work.
The Problem: The main issue, topic, or question of the text and the solutions considered.
Key Concepts: Important concepts used and defined in the text or outside it.
Analyses - Comparisons & Contrasts: Work the author produces in developing the topic and thesis.

4. Post a message to the area in the Communication Activity #5 forum in which your summarize the information from Part 3.

5. Return to the forum and read the messages from the other members of your framework.

6. Reply to at least two of the messages posted by other members. Point out aspects that are not clear to you and raise questions, or make comments, as you see appropriate and useful to further understanding.

7. Return to the forum and read responses to your messges. Answer these as best you can based on your knowledge of the text.