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Communication Activity #8

Drawing Conclusions

You have read several Classic Texts in the last 7 weeks. Each of those texts provides arguments. Your job is to identify and analyze an argument from one of those texts. You will also provide an evaluation of the arguments analyzed by other class members. Here are the steps of this activity:

1. Identify an argument in one of the classic texts assigned so far to your framework group.

2. Write a clear and explanatory analysis of that argument in Argument Summary form (see The Science of Argument III for details on this form.) Please note that you are strictly providing analysis here. Your evaluation, if you care to provide it, can be given in a follow-up post to the analyusis message. At this point it is best to keep analsysis and evaluation separate.

3. Post your Argument Summary to the Communication Activity #8 Forum. Be sure to give a full reference of the source; including author's name, title, and page numbers.

4. Return to the CA#8 Forum on another day and read some of the analyses you find there. Select at least two of these to post a reply to. Your reply will be an evaluation of the argument analysed in the argument summary. Please note that in doing so, you are evaluating the argument of a classic author. The person giving the argument summary is not the author or advocate of the argument. Thus, your evaluation is not of them (unless you have questions or concerns about the argument summary itself, which are quite sensible to ask.) Just try to be clear about who and what you are evaluating. Also, be clear about what form of evaluation you are using.