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What is a rhetorical precis?
A detailed definition and explanation to get you started in using this versatile writing format.

How will my rhetorical precis be evaluated?
Here are some guidelines to the grading of your effort.

Can I see an example of a rhetorical precis?
How do I submit my assignments?






  Rhetorical precis: how is it evaluated?

The biographical precis that you produce for this course will be graded and given a point value toward your final grade. Three main criteria are at work in the grading:

1. Does the submitted rhetorical precis accurately fit the stipulated rhetorical precis format? If parts of the format are left out, that will affect the point value.

2. Does the content of the submitted rhetorical precis thoughtfully represent the importance of the text under consideration? Writing in this format takes significant mental effort. It will not do to simply cut & paste fragments of other commentaries into the format or just paraphrase what they say. The task of this form of writing is one of synthesis. You must study the text under consideration and make some inferences about how it works. In effect, arhetorical precis is an interpretation of the text by a thoughtful reader. This method requires you to make choices and judgments. Please realize that it is painfully obvious to someone who spends their life doing philosophy when an assignment is merely a transfer of information, rather than a thoughtful commentary. Don't be afraid to take some risks, individuality of thought is valued here. Just be prepared to back up your claims .